Testing out Artzeka Candle making Kit

Oppdatert: 11. des. 2019

Today we are going to have some fun :) We are testing out our own product - the Candle Making Kit! So please join us to see the step by step doing our own scenteded candles;

So this is the whole kit, it includes 6 pcs of 8 oz tin cans. And I can already now say that the amount of wax included will be more than enough filling these up! So - here you have the opportunity to make 1-3 additional light depending on what container you choose to use. I took a empty container and sprayed it in gold :)

Just make sure that whatever container you choose to make the extra candles in - they must be safe for heat. We do not want to have any accidents you know..

Setting up for the pouring pot. I filled a saucepan with water and put the pouring pot in it. Empty 1 bag of soya wax info the pouring pot and start to stir. Make sure to moniter the water level and refill it if neccesary. Also keep an eye on the degrees - it must not exceed 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Adding the color

What a lovely color this is :) Put the colorchips in the melted wax and keep stirring until it has melted.

Add the scent as below. You add the whole bottle and this is important - stir in good 2 minutes in order to acchieve the best scent

Preparing the tins

When all done -pour the wax into the tins

Wait for 3 hours.....tick tack tick tack

Trim the wick 1/4 inch

Enjoy the resault!

I must say, this is an easy an quite fun thing to do together with friends or family. And - how fun isnt`t it to make a really personel gift to someone you care of. Or, make a tons of them and keep it for yourself :)

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